my name is Xavi Quesada, creative director with wide experience developing projects in Europe, America and Asia. Acting as a designer, art director and team manager in various advertising agencies and design studios I have been fortunate sharing projects with great professionals from other disciplines like architecture, interior design or photography, learning from each one of them.
Passionate, reliable, proactive, highly creative, bold, committed, happy, nice guy and colleague.

I was born and raise in late 70’s in a small village on the catalan coast and my childhood was surrounded since the beginning by art, paintings, brushes, cameras, music and nature, lots of nature. After years things haven’t changed much and I still love the same essence. I love to travel, discover, learn and share, squeeze life in every moment; get lost in the pages of a good read or any mountain trails; feel the excitement riding a board or hearing a new song.
Nice to meet you.